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A sport is an integral part of a person’s life. However, some sports can get intense and could lead to mouth injuries that can be painful and difficult to treat. Sportsguards are a great way to protect your mouth while enjoying any sort of sport. These mouthguards are not just for children but for people of all ages that love playing outdoor sports. In case you want to learn more about good quality sportsguards, then you should visit us at Myers Park Dental Partners and our professionals will help you get a sportsguard that fits you just right. In case you are wondering whether or not you should invest in a sportsguard then here are a few reasons why you should not hesitate anymore.

They Cushion The Impact Of A Fall

Suffering a fall is a common occurrence during a sport and many times people end up falling on their face. This could have a major impact on the mouth, and you could end up losing your teeth or fracturing your jaw. This can be avoided with the help of a sportsguard because it will reduce the impact of the fall and your upper jaw will not bang against your lower jaw. This will prevent any serious internal mouth injuries. It will also help you continuously play your game without being pulled off because of a serious injury.

Protection From Injury

If you have ever suffered a mouth injury that was intense or severe, the memories will always haunt you and you will never manage to play a sport as effectively as you used to. Instead of worrying about getting a severe mouth injury, come visit us and learn more about how you can protect your mouth so you can enjoy playing your favorite sport without holding back.

Protects From Damage Done By Braces

Kids with braces often shy away from sports because they are not comfortable playing with braces in their mouths. The impact of an injury with braces can be serious and it can end up tearing the inner lining of your mouth.

While there are a number of mouthguards available over the counter, these aren't as comfortable and easy to wear as the ones that we custom make for you. It's always better to wear something that fits you just right because a sporting event lasts for at least an hour or more and wearing something that does not fit your mouth correctly will make you feel uneasy throughout the game.

Our professionals carefully measure the dimensions of your mouth and design sportsguards that fit seamlessly without putting any pressure on your jaw. These sportsguards not only make you feel comfortable, but they also allow you to breathe easily which is important when you are playing a high intensity sport.

If you enjoy playing a sport or you plan on getting involved in one, it's important for you to consider your oral safety to prevent any grave injuries. You can give us a call at (704) 332-2532 to find out more about the various mouthguards we have to offer. You can also visit us here at Myers Park Dental Partners and check them out for yourself. After all, safety is important and sportsguards are a vital element when it comes to maintaining safety while playing a sport.
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If you enjoy playing sports or you plan on getting involved in one, it's important to consider your oral safety. Myers Park Dental Partners can help. Call us today!
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