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Tooth Extraction
Charlotte, NC

A tooth extraction is usually the last resort taken by our professionals when there is absolutely no hope to salvage a tooth. While this can be prevented by regular dental visits to us, it sometimes becomes a necessity. In case you are wondering whether or not we can salvage your tooth, come visit us at Myers Park Dental Partners and we will help provide you with the right solutions for your dental care.

Less Crowding

One of the major reasons a tooth is extracted is when there are too many teeth in your mouth. While this may sound strange considering everyone has just 32, some people have a perfectly aligned set of teeth while others have a slightly smaller jaw causing these teeth to overcrowd the mouth. Extracting a tooth or two helps the rest of your teeth get aligned properly and ensures they stay in shape. Sometimes, our professionals also need to extract a tooth or two to prior to placing braces in your mouth so that your teeth have enough space to be pushed back. The number of teeth that need to be extracted is something that our professionals will assess depending on how overcrowded your mouth is.

When your mouth is overcrowded, this also affects the shape of your jaw. Some people are not even able to close their mouth because of the teeth not being aligned due to overcrowding. In such situations it is best to extract the teeth and help people enhance their aesthetic appearance. When your mouth is open all the time, you are more prone to suffering from a dry mouth condition which will increase the chances of bacteria growing.

Prevent Damage To Neighboring Teeth

Sometimes a tooth infection could be extensive, and the infection could even spread to your root. While our professionals can clean the root and take out the infection, if the tooth is very badly affected it might require extraction. A severely infected tooth could spread infection to the neighboring teeth as well and one of the best ways to prevent this from happening is extracting the tooth completely. This gives our professionals a clear space to work with and they ensure that they clean it up properly so that there is no risk of the infection staying back and reoccurring.

Decrease Risk Of Inflammation And Oral Disease

When your tooth is severely damaged, there is always a chance that swelling and infection will occur. It's very difficult to find relief in that area unless the tooth is extracted, and the infection is properly cleaned out. Only then will the inflammation subside, and you will find some relief. In case you are not sure what is causing an inflammation in the mouth, you can leave it to our professionals to assess the it.

When tooth extraction is done correctly, it has minimal pain and the healing is quite fast. You will manage to resume your regular routine in a day or two and you can continue enjoying your favorite food as well. Our professionals are skilled and tactful when it comes to extraction and they get it done with ease and finesse.

In case you have questions about tooth extraction or you want to schedule an appointment, including your next dental cleanings and exams, feel free to call us at (704) 332-2532 or drop in at Myers Park Dental Partners anytime!
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Tooth extraction creates minimal pain and the healing is quite fast when done correctly. Call Myers Park Dental Partners today to schedule a visit with one of our professionals!
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